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Our meticulous building process is designed to ensure the creation of homes that not only meet the highest standards of quality but also reflect the unique preferences and lifestyle of our clients. From obtaining necessary permits to the final touches of landscaping, every phase is executed with precision and attention to detail. We prioritize compliance with local regulations, engage experienced local builders and subcontractors, and conduct rigorous inspections at each stage. This approach guarantees structural integrity, energy efficiency, and aesthetic excellence in the finished product. By combining meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and a commitment to using high-quality materials, we aim to deliver not just houses but homes that stand the test of time, providing a luxurious and comfortable living experience for our clients in Idaho.

Building Process Overview

  • Building Permit:

    Before proceeding with construction, we ensure full compliance with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction, managing the entire process from inception to approval.

  • Concrete Excavation:

    Preparing the lot for foundations involves a meticulous process where the first ground is broken, inviting clients to be on-site for the initial earth-moving before the excavator takes over.

  • Concrete Foundation:

    We meticulously process forms and set rebar to pour concrete for footings and walls, laying the foundation for the structural integrity of the home.

  • Concrete Flatwork:

    From excavating flatwork areas to compacting 4” of gravel, including garage, sidewalks, patios, and driveways, this stage ensures a solid foundation subjected to varying weights.

  • Framing:

    A crucial phase where the dream house takes tangible form, our experienced framing crews undergo frequent quality checks to ensure adherence to plans and codes, emphasizing the importance of precision in this ⅓ completion phase.

  • Roofing:

    We employ trusses manufactured off-site, maximizing efficiency during delivery and installation. With a focus on quality, the roofing process includes high wind resistance trusses, weather-proof felt paper, and durable shingles.

  • Plumbing:

    Subcontracting plumbing teams for vent, sewer, and water line installations, our longstanding relationships with the best subcontractors ensure quality work inspected for city compliance.

  • HVAC:

    Licensed specialists install Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning systems, including furnaces, airframe units, and air ducts, all subject to city inspections for complete compliance.


    Wiring for lights, switches, and outlets is strategically routed through 2x4s and joists, checked by code inspectors for safety and quality assurance.

  • Insulation:

    In Idaho's variable seasons, high-quality insulation is prioritized to prevent energy loss. Rigorous inspections follow the installation to ensure long-term energy efficiency.

  • Sheetrock:

    The interior takes shape as pre-manufactured drywall is meticulously cut, secured, and smoothed over days for a flawless finish.

  • Exterior:

    Stucco, siding, and selected rock materials are installed, marking a significant stage in the luxury home's development.

  • First Trim:

    Doors are hung, and trim materials, including base mold, window stool, apron, and stair railing parts, are meticulously installed.

  • Painting:

    Ceilings and walls are painted with meticulous care, involving base-coats, careful protection of surfaces, and a final coat for both walls and trim.

  • Flooring:

    Selected flooring materials are installed, and the completion timeframe is communicated to clients early in the process.

  • Cabinets and Countertops:

    Premier cabinets are mounted, followed by high-quality granite countertop installations.

  • Tile:

    Mortar is applied to tiles, followed by grouting, sealing, and meticulous cleaning for a polished finish.

  • Mirrors and Appliances:

    Mirrors are hung, appliances are installed, and utilities are turned on, bringing the house closer to the final walkthrough.

  • Cleaning:

    Professional cleaners perform a deep clean of the entire house and garage to ensure a perfect move-in condition.

  • Landscaping:

    The final exciting stage includes grading, topsoil placement, and the installation of high-quality sod tailored for Idaho's climate and pets.

Before embarking on the home-building journey in Twin Falls, thorough research, careful planning, and working with experienced professionals can contribute to a successful and fulfilling experience.

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Twin Falls

Discover the allure of building your home in Twin Falls, Idaho, a vibrant city enriched with diverse offerings. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Snake River Canyon and the powerful Shoshone Falls

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Imagine building your ideal home in Filer, Idaho, a charming town offering a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience.

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Consider the allure of building your dream home in Jerome, Idaho, a town that beautifully blends a small-town atmosphere with modern living.

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Consider building your dream home in Hagerman, Idaho, a hidden gem nestled in the scenic Snake River Valley.

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Building in Gooding offers a unique blend of rural charm and close-knit community living. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and easy access to outdoor activities

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Building here provides an opportunity to embrace the town's friendly community, surrounded by stunning landscapes and the nearby Snake River.

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Sun Valley

Building your dream home in Sun Valley, Idaho. Renowned for its world-class ski resorts, stunning mountain landscapes, and upscale amenities, Sun Valley offers a lifestyle of sophistication and outdoor adventure.

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Burley offers a blend of community warmth and access to scenic landscapes. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the convenience of essential amenities

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Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the Sawtooth Mountains and enjoying easy access to world-class recreational activities

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The tile work was nothing short of amazing. William did what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it, and for how much he quoted me in doing it.

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